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BIG Thank You to our amazing volunteer committee members!

​As the largest volunteer-driven event in support of breast cancer research and awareness, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure depends on our incredible volunteer committee members to plan and implement this incredible fundraising feat. And again this year we weren’t disappointed! Our committee members dedicated their talent and time tirelessly throughout the year and as a result we managed to raise over $2.7 million in Atlantic Canada alone!

These people include:


Silvana Bosca, Run Director
Christine Chamberlain, Run Director
Iris Imbeault 
Wendy Aube
Katherine Cooney
Shirley Vienneau
Pauline Armstrong
Kayla Smith
Sasha Bepperling


Erin Docherty, Run Director
Leone Dixon, Run Director
Cecil Villard
Cindy Lund
Debbie Atkinson
Glenn Trueman
Kristen Trueman
Liz Burt
Jody Bernard
Katie Mooney
Melissa MacDonald
Neally Currie
Stephanie Moase

Church Point

Veronique Thibault, Run Director
Meagan Turbide, Run Director
Michelle Surette
Allison LeBlanc
Amelia Deveau

Corner Brook

Amanda Barnes, Run Director
Brian Mullins, Run Director
Bethany Hoffe
Joyce Butt
Ken Dean
Mike Hoffe
Pam Keeping
Sherry Lee Vallis
Stephanie Howe
Tammy Breen
Judy Woolridge
Lorna Penney
Rhonda Power


Laura Maynard, Run Director
Julia Searle, Run Director
Beth Lord
Bonnie Crandlemere
Collette Comeau
Dan Searle
Heather Rinehart
Jane Bradford
Jill Feero
Katie Paisley
Nicola Cassidy
Wade Brewer
Wally Corey
Amanda Tidd
Dayna Gaunce
Janet Demelo
Laura Bursey
Lauren Barrett
Nick Ingram
Richelle Corey


Stephanie Hale, Run Director
Jen Logan, Run Director
Jenny Pratt
Kelly Grant
Kim Findlay
Michele Brayman
Todd Brayman
Barb Grant
Carley Sampson
Elizabeth Eldridge
Isaac Habib
Kathy MacLean
Kayla Bouchard
Margaret MacDonald
Moya Farrell
Patricia MacArthur
Patti Greenlaw


Kathie Ouellette, Run Director
Lisa MacDonald, Run Director
Andy Bransfield
Cathy Lane
Don MacLennan
Jack MacDonald
Shirley MacAlpine
Wendy Bransfield
Dale Aube
Devin Geldart
Kim Melanson
Roberta Hebert

Saint John

Angie MacQuarrie, Run Director
Karen McCumber, Run Director
Chelsea Baxter
Christine Baxter
Holly Stone
Linda Kirkpatrick
Margie Sullivan
Patricia Duplisea
Rebecca Thurrott - Slocum
Sherry Whipple
Andrea Cyr
Anita Hoffmann
Debbi McLaughlin
Kathy Gregoire
Robbie Collomb
Rossann Howard -Fox
Wendy Glaspy

St. John’s

Arlene Riche, Run Director
Susan Evans, Run Director
Claudia Davis
Colleen Laite
Darryl Dicks
Jessica Penton
Joanne Whalen
Laura Carter
Lavinia Crewdson-Snow
Meaghan Ludlow
Nicole Snow
Perry Martin
Sean McLennon
Shalane Dawson
Ashley Woodford
Carol Daley
Cindy Carter
Marg Kane
Michelle Strickland
Natasha Mercer
Tara King


Troy D'Andrea, Run Director
Marion D'Andrea, Run Director
Ann Terese Doucette
Bruce Hubley
Crystal Covill
Darren Desmond
Lisa Bishop
Lorriane Barrington
Mandy-Lee Melski
Mike St. John
Sue Forrester
Danielle Fiander
Wade McNeil


Suzanne Stewart, Run Director
Peggy Weir, Run Director
Christina Alvarez Townsend
Jane Gomes
Jenny Magee
Jordan Smith
Maria Alvarez
Melissa Whitman-Spindle
Shelley Kerr
Susan Markham-Starr