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Make the most of Run Day!


  • Fundraise! It’s never too late to raise a little extra money to help create a future without breast cancer! Even if you only raised $10 a day for the two weeks before Run day, you’ll have raised nearly enough to waive your participant fee!
  • Dress up! Participant shirts are a staple of your Run day uniform, but there’s plenty of other ways to dress up! Before the Run, collect some costumes for your team.  Pink wigs, pink or glow-in-the-dark bracelets, crazy socks, make-up, and sound makers are all ways to make your team stand out!
  • Pack to Prepare! We’ll have plenty of treats for you on Run Day, but there are a few things you should remember to bring. In particular, don’t forget your sunscreen, reusable water bottle, and donation forms. 
  • Check the weather! Before the Run, check the weather and prepare accordingly. Lots of sun? Wear sunscreen! Lots of rain (we hope not!)? Wear a rain jacket or poncho!
  • Familiarize yourself with the route! A 5km route isn’t too daunting, but you may want to familiarize yourself with it before hand. This could be done by taking a look at the map, using Google Maps Street View, or taking it for a test run!
  • Figure out parking! Parking can be tricky on Run Day! Consider taking a bus or carpooling to prevent traffic congestion. And if you do want a parking space close by, be prepared to arrive a little earlier than the rest!
  • Establish a Team Meeting place! There will be lots of people on site on Run day. If you plan a place to meet your team before the day, it may be easier to get everyone together!

Run Day 

  • Arrive early! You may need time to check out the site, get your participant shirt, and find a good place in line!
  • Registration & T-Shirt Pick Up! You or your team captain may have already done this at early registration, but if you haven’t yet head to the registration station with all your forms and pick up your participant shirt!  Don’t forget about the survivor shirts generously donated by New Balance.
  • Check out the tents! We’ll have plenty of sponsor booths to check out! Stop in, thank them for supporting our cause, and maybe get a freebie in the process!
  • Grab a bite! We’ll be serving bagels, juice, and a few other snacks throughout Run day. So grab something to munch before hitting the road!
  • Dress up! Sharpie has donated pink and black markers. Use them to write who you’re running for on your shirt! You could even add your team name or some of your own personality!
  • Team Pictures! A photographer will be on site to take team pictures. Don’t forget to smile!
  • Warm Up! Whether it’s through dancing, Zumba, or some other crazy stretches, warm up is always entertaining on Run day. Work those calf muscles!
  • Thank a committee member! Committee members spend the whole year planning the Run for the Cure. Look for the purple shirts they’ll be wearing and thank them any way you know how! 
  • Thank a volunteer! Hundreds of people volunteer their time on Run Day to make everything run smoothly. Find a person in a grey volunteer shirt and thank them as well!
  • Spin the wheel of fun! CBCF staff will be on site with “The Wheel of Fun.” Come on over to the CBCF tent, play the game, and win prizes!
  • Visit the Wall of Hope! Each year, a new Wall of Hope is hung up on the Run site and people write their inspirational messages or stories. Come made your addition to the Wall or read past years!
  • Appreciate the amusing team names! Run for the Cure participants are incredibly creative. Check out the back of shirts for some of the funny team names like Check Your Bumps for Lumps, Young and the Breastless, The Rack Pack, The Treasured Chest Club, and Thanks for the Mammaries.
  • Listen up! Our Run Day hosts will be cracking jokes, blasting music, and thanking our sponsors throughout the day. 
  • Stay for the Awards! After the Run is over, stick around! We’ll be announcing the top fundraising teams and individuals, as well as the total raised! You don’t want to miss it!