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Capacity Development Awards in Prevention

The Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute (CCSRI) in partnership with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation has established a joint funding opportunity to support additional Capacity Development Awards focused on increasing Canada’s capacity for breast cancer prevention research.   The Capacity Development Awards in Prevention competition supports the career development of junior investigators in the area of cancer prevention/risk reduction research and community-based clinical research in cancer prevention by providing protected research time.

Below is a summary of the successful applicants: 

Applicant, Institution Title
& Award Year/Amount

Lay Summary

Mohammad Akbari,
Women's College Research Institute

Genetic susceptibility to cancer

Award Year/Amount

2014/2015 : $75,000

2015/2016 : $75,000

2016/2017 : $75,000

The Canadian Cancer Society estimated that 187,000 new cancers were diagnosed among Canadians in 2013 and about 75,000 individuals died from cancer that year. Since options for treating cancer are limited, preventive measures should be considered more seriously to reduce cancer mortality. The focus of Dr Akbari's research program is to study genetic factors that predispose individuals to cancer. By identifying genes that increase cancer risk, more comprehensive genetic testing could be offered to unaffected individuals and their families, so that those who carry genetic mutations can benefit from early prevention interventions. In addition, identifying genetic mutations in cancer patients could lead to more targeted treatments.

Caroline Diorio,
Laval University

Omega-3 fatty acids and the obesity-related markers in breast tissues: A personalized approach to breast cancer prevention

Award Year/Amount

​2014/2015 : $75,000

2015/2016 : $75,000

2016/2017 : $75,000

Dr Diorio's research program aims to identify new strategies for the prevention of breast cancer by the combined use of molecular markers in breast tissue, such as protein expression and methylation of genes on one hand, and breast cancer risk or well- recognized breast cancer risk indicators on the other. She will focus on understanding the effects of omega-3 and body weight on breast tissue markers in order to design interventions to reduce breast cancer risk and recurrence in appropriate target populations.


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