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    This holiday, purchase the Gift for the Cure that will support women with metastatic breast cancer.

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    Breast cancer is often thought of as one disease, but it is actually a group of different cancers that affect the breast. And, there are several types. That's why no two cancers are alike.

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Wendie's Story

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation invited women across the country to share their personal experiences with breast cancer. This is Wendie’s story:
March 13, 2005 was a day Wendie Den Brok will never forget. That day Wendie found out she was accepted into medical school...and was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite receiving this diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer, Wendie was determined to follow her dream of attending medical school. Today, Wendie is free of the disease. She now works as an oncologist along with a team of researchers across Canada who are battling the same type of breast cancer in the lab that Wendie battled in her body.

Supporting Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer

Imagine being told that your breast cancer has metastasized and is not curable. Unfortunately, close to 30%** of people initially diagnosed with early stage breast cancer are given this news over their life time. Women living with a metastatic diagnosis are on lifelong treatments, often with debilitating side effects, leading to a difficult and uncertain path that takes both a physical and emotional toll when strength is needed the most.

This holiday, purchase the Gift for the Cure that will support women with metastatic breast cancer.
Your gift will continue to give hope to women living with metastatic breast cancer by funding critical research to discover new treatments with fewer side effects and to better understand this disease. Your gift will also connect women with other women to strengthen and widen their support community and provide the information and support they need to thrive and live life to the fullest.

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