• CIBC Run for the Cure

    Thank you to everyone who participated in and supported this year’s Run.

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  • Vote Couture for the Cure®

    Vote today for your favourite White Cashmere Collection® student design and you could WIN* a $1000 Ultimate Cashmere® Shopping Spree! For every vote, Cashmere® Bathroom Tissue will donate $1 to support the breast cancer cause.

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  • Don’t Miss, BRA Day

    Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day is a FREE, annual event that brings leading breast reconstruction experts and women who have been through it together to answer all your questions.

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  • About Our Merger

    On February 1, 2017, the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) joined forces.

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  • You Are Not Alone

    Whether you are living with metastatic breast cancer or have a loved one who is, it can be helpful to talk with someone who understands what you are going through. We are available to you.

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  • Questions related to breast cancer?

    Our team has the latest information about breast cancer and can answer questions about a diagnosis, treatments, what to expect, financial resources, coping, local support groups and more.

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  • Canadian Cancer Statistics 2017

    Canadian Cancer Statistics 2017 was released on June 20. This annual publication gives detailed statistics for the most common types of cancer.

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• 乳癌是加拿大婦女中最常診斷出的癌症
• 每九名婦女當中就有一名會被診斷出患上乳癌
• 男性也會患上乳癌,不過患病人數比例爲所有乳癌病患者的1%。
• 在卑詩省,乳癌的5年存活率爲91.8%,是全加拿大最高。
• 卑詩省是全國首個成立X-光乳房造影檢查的省份。在卑詩省,有定期接受X-光乳房造影檢查的女性死亡率下降了25%。
資料來源: 2013年加拿大癌症統計數字,由加拿大防癌協會,加拿大統計局,加拿大公共衛生局及
Provincial and Territorial Cancer Registries 提供。