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Building Communities of Support

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Breast cancer support groups offer a vital opportunity for women with similar experiences to connect, get support, exchange information and find comfort and hope.
The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation relies on dedicated volunteers to be our partners in support – we offer free training and ongoing support for women with breast cancer to start and sustain community-based peer support groups across Canada.
Volunteers from a recent CBCF training workshop share the positive impact this training has provided:
“Thank you so much for this opportunity. The value of this workshop is monumental and I would not be able to run the group without the training I have received.”
“This workshop has been so fulfilling. It has strengthened my confidence in providing peer support. It has streamlined the guidelines & purpose in a way that reduces the blur of my role. It has lifted some of the pressure of trying to be everything to everybody. I feel empowered and comforted by this support from CBCF & the knowledge that CBCF will be there with future support. Thank you!”
“Thank you so much for doing what you do, by providing us with the tools needed to go out and make a differences in our communities and support people who are struggling is huge!”
“I came here open to any experience, but of course I had some assumptions about how the weekend would all play out. I’m amazed at how greatly this workshop exceeded my expectations and squashed my assumptions. I’ve never felt such an emotionally charged, welcoming embrace from such a large group of people. This is really sounding cheesy but I felt as though we were all in one giant hug – with acceptance, care, concern, respect and joy at the core. I’m still uncertain about how exactly my group is going to look but I am not worried about it. I know what my next small step needs to be and that is enough for me at this moment. I truly feel supported – and think that, in turn, will help me to be a support for others. Thank you so much.”
Find or Start a Support Group
To find a peer support group in your community or to learn more about our training workshops to help you start your own group, please visit our support group information page.
The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is committed to growing and maintaining the network of breast cancer support groups across Canada – but we need your help. 
Consider purchasing a “Build A Support Group” gift from our Gifts for the Cure collection – with the purchase of this gift you can help ensure that more Canadians with breast cancer can benefit from the power of peer support in their communities