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Our Stories

Every person in our community has a story to tell – stories of struggle, resilience and hope. These stories demonstrate how breast cancer affects us all in different ways, yet connects us in our motivation to find a cure.

From breast cancer survivors and their personal experiences to grassroots events that fund research that saves lives, Our Stories is about the journey to a future without breast cancer.

March 13, 2005 was a day Wendie Den Brok will never forget. That day Wendie found out she was accepted into medical school...and was diagnosed with breast cancer. This video is her story.


Kim's Story

For 19 years, Kim MacKay and her daughters have not missed a single CIBC Run for the Cure. Hailing from Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, Kim began participating in the CIBC Run for the Cure with her daughters on behalf of different people in their lives who had breast cancer. But in 2007, Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer and the CIBC Run for the Cure suddenly meant more to her than a family tradition.


Sharing a story of strength

Joan Aucoin was diagnosed with breast cancer at 38 years old and felt a strong need for connecting with others who had had this experience. “My mother was the only woman I knew at that time who had gone through it [breast cancer] — she was diagnosed at 52, but it wasn’t something that was talked about back then. I didn’t know anybody else who had experienced breast cancer,” she explained. And so began her quest to help others and the launch of her support group.



Fostering a Compassionate Community

Sherry Bishop and Sharon Foster of St. John’s, Newfoundland have both been living with metastatic breast cancer for seven years. Prior to meeting, they experienced the isolation and fear that comes with the diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer. Despite being welcomed and loved by the breast cancer support group they had been attending, the reality of the words “terminal” and “incurable” was not something that the others had experienced. And so they took it upon themselves to create a solution.


Despite the prevalence of cancer in her family, Tara felt that it was important to focus on other things like getting an education and starting a career. So when doctors told her that she had triple negative breast cancer and the BRCA1 gene mutation at only 32, Tara’s life took an unexpected turn.


“We’re in this to gain understanding so that we can help women in the future not have to suffer from the fear of breast cancer and to be able to prevent, treat, diagnose and manage breast cancer in a way that’s more effective,” expressed Dr. Aparicio. “It’s just very exciting when we see a way forward that perhaps hasn’t been seen before. Those are the things we get up for in the morning.”

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The Power of Peer Support

Support Group DSC_5485.jpg.jpeg
“I’ve never felt such an emotionally charged, welcoming embrace from such a large group of people. This is really sounding cheesy but I felt as though we were all in one giant hug – with acceptance, care, concern, respect and joy at the core.”


CBCF Grant Impacts First Nations Women

How do you promote breast cancer awareness among women whose language has no word for cancer? Find out how a grant from the CBCF helped increase awareness about breast cancer among First Nations women in Manitoba.


From the operating room to the research office and beyond, Dr. Nadine Caron has made it her goal to make a difference in the lives of those affected by breast cancer. As a breast cancer researcher, surgeon and mentor, Dr. Caron is working on a project to help bring true equity in breast cancer care across Canada - regardless of where a patient may live.