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    We can inform you about financial resources, breast health, treatments, breast cancer journey, local community support groups and simply having someone to speak with who’s been there.

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  • Saying the 'Right' thing

    People are often at a loss about what to say and do when a friend or family member is diagnosed with cancer. Learn how you can support someone with practical suggestions you can do to help.

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  • Post-mastectomy reconstruction

    BRA (Breast Reconstruction Awareness) Day’s events and online resources help provide Canadian women with access to accurate and unbiased information so that each can make an informed decision.

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  • Breast Cancer Support Groups in Canada

    Did you know that we train facilitators who volunteer to lead breast cancer support groups in their community? We can help you start your own group or find existing support near you.

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  • Understanding Breast Cancers

    Breast cancer is often thought of as one disease, but it is actually a group of different cancers that affect the breast. And, there are several types. That's why no two cancers are alike.

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  • Your Breast Health

    Knowing how your breasts normally look and feel and change through time can help you detect breast cancer earlier and can give you more treatment options. Find out how to look and feel for changes.

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Corporate Partners & Sponsors


Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation 2016 Grant Awards

CBCF is pleased to share the results of our 2016* scientific and community based grant competitions, initiatives and partnerships. Almost $13.9 million in funding was awarded to exceptional researchers, fellows, students, trainees, community members, community-based organizations, and other partners.

The 2016 investments representing CBCF’s dedication to fostering vital research in breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care can be found here

*Year ending March 31, 2016

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation announces new National Research Grant Program

In July, 2016, CBCF announced its new National Research Grant Program, evolving out of the consolidation of our four Regions (BC/Yukon, Prairies/NWT, Ontario, and Atlantic) into one nationally led entity.

For more information about this new program, please visit www.cbcf.org/ApplyForGrants.

Previously Funded National Research Grants

New Treatments

Stand Up To Cancer Canada – Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Breast Cancer Dream Team, supported by CIBC

A $9M investment aimed at accelerating advances in treatments for breast cancer, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, with our long-time supporter, CIBC, and new partners SU2C Canada and OICR, are working together to fund a collaborative, translational, world-class research team that will pursue the most promising science for new breast cancer therapeutic interventions.

Funding research that matters to you: Survey says New Treatment!

In 2014, the CBCF National Grants team conducted an online survey asking you, our donors, our volunteers, survivors, and supporters, where you think we should be focusing our research efforts.  The survey received over 4000 responses across the country and the results became an important part of the process we used to determine our next National Grants research priority.  Survey says, New Treatments! 

Focused Research on Young Women

Breast Cancer in Young Women

Through the National Grants Program, CBCF collaborated with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research – Institute of Cancer Research (CIHR-ICR) and funded a $5.7 million grant to BCYW_LeadingCause.jpgDr. Steven Narod and his program team, including four subprojects involving 62 researchers and clinicians at 44 institutions and clinics across Canada that will focus on investigating breast cancer in young women. Launched in 2013, the design of this funding opportunity was informed by a workshop of research and medical experts, partner organizations, and women at high-risk or affected by the disease and addressed a critical unmet need in breast cancer research.

Earlier Detection

Earlier Detection of Breast Cancer

In 2011, CBCF’s inaugural National Grants Competition awarded 8 grants for a total of $3.2 million which were focused on advancing new technologies to find cancer at its earliest stages, discovering or validating markers and understanding the psychosocial ramifications of earlier breast cancer detection.


Capacity Development


Capacity Development Awards in breast cancer Prevention research

In 2014, the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute (CCSRI) in partnership with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation supported two Capacity Development Awards focused on supporting the career development of junior investigators in the area of cancer prevention/risk reduction research and community-based clinical research in cancer prevention.

Clinical Trials

Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network

CBCF’s commitment extends to the broader Canadian landscape for academic cancer clinical trials, which has recently been identified as in need of better coordination. CBCF joined a coalition of cancer funding organizations to invest in the Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network. 3CTN promises to address key challenges by supporting cancer clinical trial coordination across the country - at once improving this critical research platform, and creating conditions that will allow more people with cancer have better access to the latest advances in treatment. Many CBCF-funded trials have been incorporated into a “legacy” portfolio of breast cancer trials. 3CTN will establish sites at 15 cancer centres (coordinated by 7 regional centres) conducting clinical trials across Canada, and use these to increase availability of trials for patients – in part via an online component to help patients and clinicians connect to relevant trials.


Multidisciplinary Care Teams

TELUS Fellowships

In 2012, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, in partnership with the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation awarded $400,000 to the TELUS-Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Fellowship Competition awardees supporting specialized medical and health professional training that will strengthen multidisciplinary care teams focused on improving breast cancer treatment and care. 



Canadian Breast Cancer Research Collaborative

The Canadian Breast Cancer Research Collaborative is a partnership between CBCF, CIHR, CCS and QBCF providing a forum to represent the funding priorities of each organization, to identify collaborative funding opportunities and to monitor the National Breast Cancer Research Framework. An upcoming output of the CBCRC is the Monitoring Report, an in depth analysis of breast cancer research projects that were coded to the National Breast Cancer Research Framework Priorities.

For more information on the Monitoring Report or the Symposium, please contact nationalgrants@cbcf.org.  


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