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Ontario Region Grant Review Panel


From February 12-27, 2015 Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – Ontario Region held its annual grant review panels. A total of 72 panel members convened to review 100 research grant applications and 34 fellowship grant applications. The grant review panel consisted of impartial peer reviewers with expertise and experience in the areas of the applications being reviewed. Reviewers from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and even Japan ranked and rated proposals using specific program criteria including relevance and potential impact, and made funding recommendations.

The funding decisions made from the grant review panels support CBCF’s mission of funding research that demonstrates a direct impact on breast cancer. These research grants will lead to progress in breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care.

Members of the Fellowship Review Panel

Name Institution Areas of expertise
Bertrand Jean-Claude

McGill University (QC)

Experimental medicine – mechanisms of action, synthesis and biological activities of EGFR and bcr-abl
Carrie Shemanko

University of Calgary (AB) Cellular interactions, stem cell regulation
Christine Pratt

Uinversity of Ottawa (ON) Mammary gland biology, breast cancer, signalling pathways, transgenic mice
Eran Andrechek

Michigan State University (MI) Targeted Therapies, genetic requirement for signaling pathways
Jonathan Lee University of Ottawa (ON) Role of lipid kinase P14KB in breast cancer, bioinformatics, proteomics
Josie Ursini-Siegel McGill University (QC) Tumour microenvironment, metastatic spread, transgenic breast cancer mouse models
Lawrence Jennings Northwestern University (IL) Anatomic and clinical pathology, pathology-molecular genetic
Luke McCaffrey McGill U (QC) Cell polarity and epithelial morphogenesis, tumour growth, invasion and metastasis
Manijeh Pasdar University of Alberta (AB) Cadherin-mediated cell adhesion in tumourigenesis and metastasis
Marc Coppolino University of Guelph (ON) Cell adhesion and migration
​Nicolas Bisson Université Laval (QC)

Molecular biology, targeted proteomics
Paola Marignani

Dalhousie University (NS)

Cancer metabolism, signal transduction, animal models of human disease, whole genome manipulation, stem cell biology
Patricia Thompson-Carino Stony Brook (NY) Molecular and cellular changes during cancer development, biomarker discovery and validation, cancer recurrence
Ralph George
St. Michael’s Hospital (ON) Breast cancer surgery
Sean Egan (Chair) SickKids (ON) Developmental and stem cell biology, animal models, signalling pathways
Shafaat A. Rabbani McGill University (QC) DNA methylation, growth factors and proteases in bone metastasis, epigenetic regulation of gene expression
Vincent Giguère McGill University (QC) Bioenergetic pathways in cancer cells
Michael Evans University of Toronto (ON)  
Benjamin Haibe-Kains Princess Margaret Cancer Centre (ON)  
Sujata Patil Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (NY)  
Gregory Pond McMaster University (ON)  
Dongsheng Tu Queen's University (ON)  
Robin Hallett University of Toronto (ON)  
Andrew Paterson SickKids (ON) Genetic risk factors for complications of type 1 diabetes - specifically eye and renal disease
Brian Marples William Beaumont (MI) Biological mechanisms of a multi-ingredient dietary intervention (CDS) for therapy related cognitive decline
John Termini City of Hope (NCI) (CA) Chemistry, biochemistry, GABA and brain metastasis
Paige Green-McDonald National Cancer Institute (NCI) (MD) Stress-mediated effects on cancer biology; stress measurement and methodology, psychoneuroimmunology
Russell Taylor Johns Hopkins (MD) Medical imaging and modelling
​Wilson Miller ​McGill University (QC) Molecular biology of retinoids and tumor differentiation


Name Institution Areas of expertise
Caroline Diorio Université Laval (QC) Molecular and clinical epidemiology, genetic markers, development of diagnostic and prognostic tools
Christine Simmons BC Cancer Agency (BC) Breast medical oncologist, locally advanced breast cancer (LABC)
David Voduc UBC/BC Cancer Agency (BC) Radiation oncology
Inna Belfer University of Pittsburgh (PA) Genetic and non-genetic determinants of conditions such as post-mastectomy chronic pain, the effect of genotype on the neurobiology of primary afferent neurons in human dorsal root ganglia
Joanne Lester Ohio State U (OH) Breast health, survivorship issues, prevention strategies
John Semple
Women’s College Hospital (ON) Breast cancer surgery
Julia Knight Mount Sinai (ON) Cancer epidemiology (particularly breast)
Kathleen Armstrong Women’s College Hospital (ON) Plastic and reconstructive surgery
Kristin Schreiber Brigham and Women’s Hospital (MA) Pain control, anesthesiology
Linda Muraca (RN) Mount Sinai (ON) Common concerns about the breast, risk factors, early detection methods, risk reduction strategies (i.e. diet and exercise recommendations), and overall breast health awareness
Melissa Bondy Baylor College of Medicine (TX) Roles of heredity and genetic susceptibility in the etiology of brain and breast cancer
Michael Speca University of Calgary (AB) Psychosocial interventions for reducing distress and improving quality of life of patients and their families
Michelle Cotterchio Cancer Care Ontario (ON) Cancer epidemiology, etiology
Ralph George
St. Michael’s Hospital (ON) Breast cancer surgery
Sacha Howell University of Manchester (UK) Translational research into mechanisms of action and resistance of endocrine therapies, treatment and prevention of breast cancer
Tavis Campbell University of Calgary (AB) Mindfulness, cancer, well-being
Noori Akhtar-Danesh McMaster University (ON)  
Alexander Kiss Sunnybrook Research Institute (ON)  
Sandra Gardner The Ontario HIV Treatment Network (ON)  
Yanyan Gong Canadian Institute for Health Information (ON)  
Thérèse  Stukel Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ON)  
Richard Marcotte Ontario Cancer Institute (ON)  
Alan Nichol UBC (BC) Neuro-oncology, breast cancer
Christine Wilson BC Cancer Agency (BC) Screening mammography
Kathleen Pritchard Sunnybrook (ON) Medical oncology, clinical trials
Mariana Figueiro Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY) Photobiology research, energy efficient lighting (market transformations), lighting applications, human factors in lighting

 2015 Grant Research Review Panel
Members of the Research Review Panel B


Name Institution Areas of expertise
Abigail Silva Edward Hines Jr VA Hospital (IL) Disparities in cancer care, treatment, and outcomes, and patient, provider, and health system factors that explain these
Alison Allan London Regional Cancer Program (ON) Tumor development, cancer progression
Anne Koch OCI, Princess Margaret Hospital (ON) DNA damage signalling, repair and cancer
Christina Addison Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (ON) Tumour growth and angiogenesis, biomarker discovery
Dwayne Jackson Western University (ON) Role of sympathetic nervous system and signalling in modification of cellular and molecular responses in microvessels (modulation, angiogenesis, cellular mitogenesis, cellular morphology and cell trafficking)
Ellen Warner
Sunnybrook RI (ON) MRI over mammography for screening women at risk for hereditary breast cancer
Esther Green (RN) Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (ON) Cancer symptom management, patient experience
Jeff Vallance Athabasca University (AB) Facilitating physical activity behavior and health outcomes in breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy
Karen Gelmon UBC (BC) Clinical trials for treatment of breast cancer, lung cancer, HIV malignancies and other malignancies
Kathy Chun University of Toronto (ON) Pathobiology of cancers using molecular cytogenetics techniques
Katia Tonkin University of Alberta (AB) Early stage locally advanced and metastatic disease, clinical trials in all stages of disease esp. Phase III trials
Lalita Shevde-Samant University of Alabama at Birmingham (AL) Crosstalk between tumour cells and their microenvironment
Lisa Tussing-Humphreys University of Illinois at Chicago (IL) Obesity-associated iron metabolism dysfunction and its relationship to health status and disease risk
Lynne-Marie Postovit University of Alberta (AB) Epigenetics
Ralph George
St. Michael’s Hospital (ON) Breast cancer surgery
William Jia BC Cancer Agency (BC) Experimental therapeutics, immunology, surgery
Punam Rana McMaster University (ON)