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Join us and millions of others as we run for the cure for Breast Cancer.

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Leaders for the Cure

Leaders for the Cure is a peer-to-peer program that provides meaningful opportunities for Ontario’s corporate community to support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) in our vision of a future without breast cancer.

By joining Leaders for the Cure, not only are you leading the way to creating a future without breast cancer, you are also given opportunities to meet and work alongside influential executives from other organizations. 

Leaders for the Cure are currently working towards supporting breast cancer prevention research, with a goal to reduce the incidence of breast cancer by 2020. Check out how we'll get there in our new Case for Support

You can also read about recent events and accomplishments in our most recent newsletter.

Interested in joining this dynamic community? Contact Nicole D’Ascenzo, ndascenzo@cbcf.org or 1-800-387-9816.


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For more information:
Nicole D'Ascenzo | ndascenzo@cbcf.org | 1-800-387-9816

* Reducing the incidence of breast cancer is a long-term goal of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. However, having an impact on disease incidence is complex and challenging, particularly as our aging population grows. It will require a long-term commitment to creating the conditions for a healthier population and healthier communities. To achieve a reduction in incidence, behaviour change to address modifiable risk factors and reduce exposure to carcinogens and hormone-disrupting chemicals must be sustained on a population-wide basis , enabled by evidence-based public policies that make healthier behaviours the easier, more accessible and affordable choices.