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What About My Kids?

pic_WAMK.jpgA Guide for Parents Living with Breast Cancer

By Linda Corsini

What About My Kids? is a comprehensive resource that addresses the broad range of issues and challenges parents with young children may encounter when a parent is diagnosed with breast cancer. By providing relevant, accessible and practical information to address the complex needs of parents and children, What About My Kids? aims to help families cope with breast cancer together.

In 2002, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation–Ontario Region provided funding to the Ottawa Hospital Regional Cancer Centre to create this valuable resource (published in 2006).

What About My Kids? addresses the following topics (available here to download): 

The Foundation is pleased to make What About My Kids? available at no cost to organizations and individuals in Ontario, to help support women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and their families. 

How to order our resources

For more information about What About My Kids? or to learn about other breast health and breast cancer resources offered by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation–Ontario Region, please visit our resource page, contact resourcesON@cbcf.org or download the resource order form. This resource is also available in French.

An electronic copy of  What About My Kids? is available to download in English (PDF – 1.16KB).  

An electronic copy of Et mes enfants dans tout ça? is available to download in French (PDF – 1.03KB).

To open these files, you will need an Adobe Acrobat plug-in.  

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